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BBC Media Action continues the highly successful ‘Yay Kyi Yar’ Facebook campaign to provide safe migration information to Myanmar migrants

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ILO has extended support to BBC Media Action to implement the ‘Yay Kyi Yar’ Facebook campaign until November 2023 following its continuing success in providing engaging information on safe migration. Yay Kyi Yar now has 1,513,866 followers (42% women) across 10 countries – including the major destination countries for Myanmar migrants of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Sharing highly engaging and relatable content – such as videos of human-interest stories on Myanmar migrants abroad and expert interviews – the page has gained 238,000 new followers during the last year. One particularly impactful post was a video titled “Things to be aware of when working in the seafood industry“, which received 193,000 interactions (likes/comments) and 3,151,051 views. A key indication of the strong rapport that Yay Kyi Yar has developed with its audience is that it received 509 requests for assistance from migrant workers through Facebook Messenger and referred them to CSOs and trade union service providers for further support.

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