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ILO and Stella Maris join forces to protect Filipino migrant fishers

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The ILO, with support from the European Union and Stella Maris, have joined forces to develop a comprehensive pre-departure orientation in the Philippines. When returning home, Filipino migrant fishers routinely want to share their experiences about their time spent on fishing vessels at sea. The ILO and Stella Maris are spearheading efforts to capture this knowledge for the benefit of other migrant fishers.

In collaboration with local stakeholders, return migrant fishers were gathered for a series of focus group discussions. The first was held on 25 July in Manila, and the second was conducted on 8 August in Cebu City. The vital information shared by these return migrant fishers will be used to develop a comprehensive pre-departure orientation and information package to prevent labour rights abuses and forced labour for migrant fishers. It will be delivered as part of the government-mandated pre-departure orientation seminars for migrant fishers.

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