Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

ILO Indonesia strengthens its tripartite coordination to ensure decent work in fishing and seafood processing sectors

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Tripartite partners including government, workers’ and employers’ organizations in Indonesia took part in the National Project Steering Committee meeting on 7 August 2023. Held in Jakarta, the meeting delved into crucial milestones in their joint efforts through the EU-funded Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia programme to ensure decent work for Indonesian migrant fishers and seafood processing workers. One noteworthy achievement highlighted during the session was the issuance of the new Decree of the Regional Secretary of Central Java Province, supported by the ILO. The meeting also placed an emphasis on strengthening coordination between relevant ministries and capacity to better respond to transnational challenges and forced labour issues and strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to ensure more compliance with the ILO’s Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188) and improve labour migration governance for Indonesian migrant fishers working on foreign fleets.

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