Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

ILO welcomes the ASEAN Declaration on Placement and Protection of Migrant Fishers

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The Declaration demonstrates the commitment of ASEAN leaders to the protection of migrant fishers and will contribute to realizing decent working conditions for migrant fishers in the ASEAN region.

The ILO through its Ship to Shore Rights South-East Asia (Ship to Shore Rights SEA) programme  has been providing technical support to the Government of Indonesia on the development of the ASEAN Declaration since November 2022. Prior to the Declaration, the Ship to Shore Rights SEA supported the Ministry of Manpower to conduct a consultation workshop in March, where about 90 representatives from the ministries of manpower and fisheries as well as other relevant government departments, ASEAN bodies and stakeholders from ASEAN member States convened to discuss the protection of migrant fishers throughout the migration cycle.

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