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Lao migrant workers in Salavan province supported to migrate safely and find employment upon return

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The International Labour Organization, through a partnership with Village Focus International, held a series of activities throughout July 2023 in 18 villages of Vapy, Salavan and Lao Ngarm districts of Salavan province.

A key form of support provided was vocational training, which was organized for 34 returned migrant workers. Taking place on 13 and 30 July, the training offered opportunities that respond to local market demand. The training empowered the participants with information about market analysis, marketing techniques, business concepts and setting business goals. In addition to training, many of the participants received financial and technical support to assist them with starting small-scale income generating activities.

In addition, Village Focus International also organized a series of community awareness raising events, which engaged 1,113 community members (546 women). The participants received safe information materials and had a chance to interact and ask questions about migration, occupational safety and health, and labour rights, as well as to hear about migration experiences directly from returned migrant workers.

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