Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

New Migrant Resource Centre established in Salavan province of Lao PDR

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With funding from the ILO Ship to Shore Rights SEA programme, Village Focus International (VFI) will set up a Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) for migrants and potential migrants in Salavan province, Lao PDR. This facility will provide information and services to potential and returning migrant workers on safe migration, including distribution of informational materials, operating a telephone hotline, delivery of training on safe migration and labour rights, provision of health, transportation, psychological and other support services to deported migrants, and referral assistance to migrants with complaint cases. Access to safe migration information and support services remains extremely limited in Lao PDR, particularly in the southern provinces. Research has shown that Salavan province has one of the highest rates of out-migration in the country. However, it is currently under-served with information and support services and no MRCs have yet been established within the province. Establishing an MRC managed by a trusted civil society organization will help to bridge the gap in migrant access to information and services.

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