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Pilot project on improving labour inspection kicks off in Ranong province

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To launch a pilot project on improving labour inspection of fishing vessels in Ranong province, the Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia convened a meeting with tripartite stakeholders on 3 March 2023.

Participants from the Thai government included the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Department of Fisheries, and other agencies involved in port-in/port-out (PIPO) inspections in the province, while employers were represented by the Provincial Fisheries Association. The Fishers’ Rights Network supported by the International Transport Workers’ Federation joined the meeting on behalf of workers.

The meeting discussed occupational safety and health onboard (OSH) fishing vessels, and worker-government cooperation to improve the effectiveness of inspections. Stakeholders identified major OSH hazards and risks in fishing, worked to enhance their capacity on risk management, and reached agreement on the need to conduct further OSH trainings in the future.

The meeting also served as a platform to strengthen communication and cooperation between stakeholders. Participants agreed to conduct regular coordination meetings to share information, support more effective PIPO inspections, and increase engagement of worker organizations for observation of inspections and interviews with fishers.

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