Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

Potential migrants in Thanh Hoa province access information about safe migration and labour rights in the Korean fishing sector

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The Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA) organized an outreach activity for 182 potential migrant workers in Than Hoa province on 28 April, with the support of the Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia and TRIANGLE in ASEAN programmes.  

The event was organized by the Thanh Hoa Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) for Vietnamese migrant workers who are planning to work in the fishing sector under Korea’s Employment Permit System. The participants were provided with essential information about safe migration and labour rights in the fishing sector, including occupational health and safety and the availability of support services. The event also provided an opportunity for potential migrants to ask questions of six return migrant workers, who shared their work experiences in the industry and provided information and advice. Observing the activity, Country Director Ingrid Christensen expressed the ILO’s commitment to provide continued support for the MRC services: “The ILO highly appreciates the collaboration with the DOLISA in Thanh Hóa province to operate the MRC, which provides a critical space for workers to obtain information on migrating for work and lodge complaints – helping to protect their labour rights from abuse.”

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