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Seafood processing unions receive training on organizing women workers

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Unions working in the seafood processing sector in a coastal city in Indonesia underwent training on organizing women workers and enhancing women’s participation in negotiating collective bargaining agreements on 21-24 March.

Leaders and selected members of unions in the Carvina and Deho seafood processing factories in Bitung City, North Sulawesi province attended the training on the rights of women workers and gender-responsive collective bargaining. The unions are affiliates of the Trade Union Federation of Food, Beverage, Tourism, Restaurant, Hotel and Tobacco (FSB KAMIPARHO), which organized the training.

Most of the workers in the seafood processing industry in Bitung are women, many of whom have felt marginalized during past efforts to organize workers into unions because their interests were not fully taken account.

“We would like to increase the ability of women workers to join and actively participate in union activities to ensure their rights to maternity protection, non-discrimination and freedom from violence and harassment are upheld,” said Supardi, KAMIPARHO Chairperson.
Prior to the training, a joint statement between the unions and the business association was submitted to the Mayor of Bitung City. It called for a Mayoral Decree to be issued to improve labour protections for women workers.

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