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Thai Government Agencies Attend Workshop for Pilot Project on Improving Port-in Port-out Inspection

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A consultative workshop was held for a pilot project to enhance inspections in the fishing sector in Thailand on 14 December. The project, which aims to strengthen Port-in Port-out (PIPO) inspections by improving coordination among stakeholders and conducting targeted occupational safety and health (OSH) risk assessments, is a follow-up to a Theory of Change workshop held in July 2022, which identified key issues to be addressed.

The workshop brought together 30 officials from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Department of Fisheries, Marine Department, Department of Employment, and the Thai Maritime Enforcement Coordinating Centre to exchange information and improve their understanding of existing regulations and practices in OSH inspection for Thai fishing vessels.

As an outcome, the meeting participants were able to identify an appropriate pilot site in Ranong province, which has a large fishing industry and active worker organizations and civil society organizations that can participate in the project.

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