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Collaborative Dialogue Between Seafood Industry and CSOs to Enhance Fair Recruitment

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In a dynamic discussion on 30 August 2023, the seafood processing industry and workers’ representatives as well as civil society organizations (CSOs) came together to champion fair recruitment practices in line with the international labour standards. The discussion focused on reduce burden for employers and migrant workers in respect of recruitment fee and related costs incurred throughout the recruitment and placement process, currently largely shouldered by migrant workers.

The meeting included a diverse array of participants and voices, and a frank exchange of views in relation to recruitment fees and related costs tied to the employment of migrant workers in Thailand. The primary objective was to move towards consensus on the payment of “related costs” Incurred during the recruitment and placement process. By doing so, the intent was to align employer and worker positions to better advocate for reform, and pave the way for increased compliance with international standards. and to alleviate the financial burden of migration on workers. The meeting ended with consensus on many categories of related costs, and employers’ commitment to pay for these for migrant workers recruited into the seafood processing sectors. A second meeting was agreed on to further discuss outstanding items of costs and to develop joint advocacy positions for reform in Thailand.

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