Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

Developing a sustainable regional reintegration plans for return migrant workers

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On 7-9 February 2022, 42 officers from Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand participated in a regional training on sustainable reintegration plans in the region. The training covered key topics on reintegration including the return concept, importance of conducting vulnerability and risk assessments, service mapping and labour market assessment with the returnees and/or victims of trafficking prior to designing a reintegration plan.

During the training, IOM also introduced the concept of an integrated approach to reintegration with a detailed step-by-step process for designing reintegration, particularly to address the psychosocial, social, and economic dimensions of reintegration at the individual, community, and structural level.   The training was conducted with the support of the European Union as part of the Ship to Shore Rights South-East Asia project with the ILO, IOM and UNDP. The introductory training was a key step in bringing stakeholders together for a safer and more robust reintegration plan that places migrant workers first.

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