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ILO Viet Nam County Director visits the Migrant Worker Resource Centre in Bac Ninh

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The ILO Country Director for Viet Nam conducted a field visit to Bac Ninh province to observe the operations of the Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) supported by the Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia and the TRIANGLE in ASEAN prgrammes.

The number of migrant workers in Bac Ninh continues to grow, with more than 1,000 migrating for work in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan (China) in recent years. The MRC provides these workers with information on safe migration and support services, including counselling, legal assistance, training and reintegration assistance for migrant returnees.

During the visit, ILO Country Director Ingrid Christensen met with the Director of the Bac Ninh Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Mr Nguyen Nhan Chinh. During the discussion, Mr Nguyen Nhan Chinh expressed her belief that return migrant workers bring back valuable new skills and knowledge that improve the province’s labour force, including filling demands for skilled workers in Bac Ninh’s industrial parks and economic zones.

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