Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

Labour Inspectors head to in fishing ports in Indonesia

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On 9 June 2022, Ship to Shore Rights SEA  and the Ministry of Manpower visited the Nizam Zachman Fishing Port in North Jakarta, one of the largest of its kind in Indonesia. The visit to observe the workings of fishing ports is a stepping stone to develop effective local joint inspection mechanisms to improve working conditions on fishing vessels.

Bagus Oktori Sutrisno, the Head of the Office of Nizam Zachman Fishing Port welcomed the visit, “we need this collaboration in order to strengthen our protection for workers onboard fishing vessels.” Siti Umi Salamah, the Director of the Development of Labour Inspection System of the Ministry of Manpower said, “we want to learn from you and all colleagues here regarding the current inspection onboard fishing vessels. We are happy to share our experiences conducting labour inspection in land-based industry. We can learn from each other and benefit the industry and workers in fishing sector.”

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