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ILO and BBC Media Action Launch a Large-scale Social Media Campaign on Safe Migration and Decent Work for Myanmar Migrant Workers

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The ILO Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia and BBC Media Action have joined forces on a campaign targeting migrant workers in Myanmar through social media.

Using Facebook, the main social media platform in the country, BBC Media Action’s Yay Kyi Yar page will share engaging content on safe migration, labour rights protection, violence against women and gender-based discrimination in the workplace. The page already has a major following among Myanmar migrants and their family members, reaching over one million people across ten countries.

By utilising digital platforms and targeted social media content, the campaign aims to increase awareness, improve access to information and enhance the communications capacity of grassroot organizations and support services. The campaign will operate throughout 2022 with diverse, human-centred and informative social media content. The initiative will leverage digitalisation to reach migrant worker communities at a time of restricted mobility in Myanmar due to COVID-19 and political conflict.

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