Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia Programme

IOM publications shed light on the conditions for migrant workers and provide tools for responding to trafficking in persons in the fishing and seafood processing sectors

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The IOM has released a report entitled “In the Shadow of the Ships: Migrant Workers in the Lower Tiers of the Seafood Processing Industry in Thailand.” This study examines the process of labour migration for Cambodian and Myanmar migrant workers who are involved in informal employment activities, such as unloading, sorting, cleaning, peeling and drying, within Thailand’s seafood processing sector. It also delves into the specific difficulties faced by women migrant workers.

Another key resource that has been released by IOM is the “Handbook for Frontline Officers to Identify, Screen, and Refer Potential Cases of Human Trafficking in the Fisheries Sector in Thailand.” The handbook has been created to provide front-line officers, civil society organizations, and other organizations engaging with migrant workers in the fishing sector with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques to effectively identify trafficking victims and facilitate the delivery of appropriate protection and support services to them.

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